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Hair straightener

Mini Hair straightener

Mini Hair straightener Product Model:
1.Slim and fashion design
2.Fast PTC heating system
3.Korea ceramic coating with nano silver and tourmaline for extra shineness
4.One tempeature setting of 200℃

Cordless Hair straightener

Cordless Hair straightener Product Model:
1.Innovative and safe MGH heater(with Intergrated technology), more durable
2.One button for On/Off and 3 different temp. settings,with 3 indicating lights
3.Lithium battery 18650#,2500mah, styling time is more than 30min

3 LED lights Hair straightener

3 LED lights Hair straightener Product Model:
1.Innovative 3 Led lights indicating different temperature range.
2.Red light on only when it is Low temperature range
3.Red and Blue light on when it is middle temperature range. All three lights (Red, blue and green) on when it is high temperature range. The more lights on, the higher temperature is

Cool Mist Hair Straightener

Cool Mist Hair Straightener Product Model:
1.Revolutionary ultrasonic cool mist function to give moisture and shine to the hair.
Specially designed mist delivery channel
2.Optional with Mist on or off during use
3.Wider heat plates get more hair styled at one stroke